Making the Little Things Count

Scrapping on the go meant working with the basic supplies. I had plenty of paper but hardly any embellishments: one stamp pad, a date stamp, a circle punch in 2 sizes and a few pens. So this meant I had to make everything count. Yes, everything! All the little scraps of paper made it on the page; thought of them as snippets of washi tape...but not so transparent. 
I have to admit I did fill in some spaces after we were settled into our new house.

Life on the Road

2016 was an exciting, hectic and interesting year. 3 states, (Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida) with a total of  4 moves. We are finally settled in a permanent home we call our own!

Use it or Lose It

This is a lesson about hoarding your scrapbook supplies. Specifically, paper.

We have been in the DC area for 7 weeks now and slightly over a month in our apartment. It has taken me the better part of this past month  come to terms with losing my paper.

The day our container full of household supplies arrived we get a phone call telling us that our container was damaged in transit. We  never received a clear explanation as to what really caused the damage, but  there were some bad storms around the time it left Memphis.  From the outside the damage looked minimal; but what you don't see if that the roof was ripped in a few places.

While we had a few major pieces of furniture soaked beyond repair the worst damage was to my scrapbook paper. Yes, it was right below the damaged roof! Let me add here that the paper was in plastic drawers and wrapped in plastic. There was just too much water damage to save most of it.

Prior to our move, I purged paper and supplies and only kept  the most loved and  favorites. Discovering all the damaged paper was heartbreaking,  to say the least.  After all, I had been saving the best for the "perfect photo", the greatest memories and stories.
Some of my most loved papers are no longer made or even sold. (Yes, I tried to replace  the ones I could).

I soon realized there is a lesson here. I need to stop buying and saving paper for that "perfect moment".  I need to use it or sadly lose it.

How NOT to visit the Smithsonian

We arrived in the DC area 48  hours before the biggest blizzard in 90-something years.

5 days in a small hotel room with 2 dogs we felt it was necessary to explore the DC area.  (How much TV can you watch?  How many video games can one play?)

Getting out meant we had to conquer the metro...(ok, my husband grew up in a rural area and I lived the majority of my life safely tucked into the suburbs). A few of the lines were still closed and as well some government offices. I need to add,  our sanity was at stake. Once we understood how to get around, it was not as bad as anticipated.
Getting around DC after a blizzard....was a different story.
We lived in northern Pennsylvania most of our married life, where single digit temperatures are a common occurrence. However, 15 years in the deep south meant we no longer had boots for deep snow and DC was not prepared either.

The streets and sidewalk were clear for the most part. Crossing the streets were a bit more looked as if the crosswalks had an inch or 2 of slushy, half melted snow until you stepped out. Quickly the few inches turned into 6 inches of the cold wet stuff, and the four letter words that come from your mouth is a reflex as your feet immediately
feel the slush rising over and into your boots.
We squished our way to the Smithsonian Castle and quickly located the rest rooms. (just a note here: the Castle is the original Smithsonian building (circa 1855)  and is now used as the "welcome" center. It is very stately and  Romanesque.) The restrooms are just as regal with the original marble intact. I took off my coat, insufficient short boots and wet socks and proceded barefoot to dry everything  with the hand dryers. (sorry no photo)

It has been a very long time

Yes, it has been a long time since I posted
A very long time...
Sometimes you must life gets in the way and you must face it straight on.

October was spent packing, purging and putting half our household in storage.

When we finally had room to breath, the necessary repairs were made and the house went on the market right before Thanksgiving. We were informed not to expect a lot of activity Thanksgiving weekend. Wrong! The holiday season was spent keeping our little home spotless. It finally sold shortly after the new year.

After spending Christmas with the kids, we spent time time searching for a place to locate to after our " temporary " move.

January was a blur...we came home  and...
packed up the house
sold the house
packed the dogs in the car and drove to DC
Arrived about 48 hours ahead of the blizzard, (2 dogs, 2 adults in a hotel room for 5 days during the biggest snow storm in 90 years)
Found an apartment and moved in...

As our furniture was due to arrive we get a call telling us our container was damaged during transport. Not everything was damaged, just the key pieces of furniture.

most of my scrapbook paper was damaged